Conference Date Title
2010-08-02 Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics II
2010-07-12 The Third Palestinian Geographic Conference (GeoPalestine 2010)
2010-06-14 Living Together in The MULTI-cultural Society
2009-12-23 The First Agricultural Conference for the Agricultural Engineers Association
2009-12-09 Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Palestine
2009-12-05 New perspectives: New Challenges
2009-12-03 Libraries and Cultural Centers in Palestine and Jerusalem and their Role in Culture and Civilization
2009-11-18 The Role of Translation in Civilization Dialogue II
2009-11-04 French-Palestinian Conference - Current Palestinian Studies in France
2009-10-17 The Educational Process in the 21th Century - reality and challenges
2009-10-08 The Second Medical International Conference
2009-10-06 The First Artistic Conference: Arts and Folklore in Palestine: Challenges and Current Situation
2009-10-06 2nd International Conference on the Palestinian Environment
2009-09-30 Mapping American Studies in Palestine
2009-07-16 Exploring the future of graduate studies in Palestine
2009-06-21 Leadership Training Institute
2009-06-09 The Euro-Mediterranean Student Research Multi conference
2009-04-29 The 1st Conference on Palestinian Athletics
2009-04-20 The Second Conference on Vocational Training and Technological Education in Palestine: Development, Organization and Excellence
2009-04-07 The Fourth National Week on the Prevention of Poisoning
2009-03-16 Literature and Scholar and their Role in the Political Life
2009-03-15 Nursing Scientific Research Conferences
2009-02-25 Al-Quds Tenth Conference Anticipating the Cultural and Civilization Reality in Jerusalem in 2009
2008-11-16 1st International Medical Conference: Advances in Pediatric Care
2008-10-21 1st International Conference on Urban Planning in Palestine: Current Challenges & Future Prospects


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