Conference Date Title
2008-07-31 Conference on Poverty in Palestine: Reality and Future Outlooks
2008-05-01 The Eighth Scientific Conference on Ophthalmology organized by Society of Ophthalmologists
2008-04-28 The Eleventh Conference on Emergency Birth with focus on instructions included in “Advanced Life Support in Obstetric”
2008-04-21 The First Conference on Vocational and Technological Education in Palestine
2008-04-13 The Third Palestinian Justice Conference: The Situation of Judiciary System in Palestine
2008-04-07 The Tenth Medical Conference-Faculty of Nursing: Medical Care for Patients with Open Heart Surgery
2008-04-06 Student’s Scientific Conference
2008-03-22 The Third Student’s Medical Conference on Liver Diseases and Surgery
2008-03-03 Conference on Medical Negligence and its Legal Consequences
2008-01-16 The Development of Scientific Research in Palestine: Future Perspective
2008-01-13 Workshop on Using Internet in Educational System
2007-11-25 The Ninth Jerusalem Conference: Israeli Excavations in the City of Jerusalem
2007-11-24 Conference on Educational System in Palestine
2007-10-21 Conference on the Role of Translation in Dialogue of Civilizations
2007-05-07 The Second Physics Conference
2007-04-30 Conference on Knowledge-based-Economies
2007-04-24 Workshop on the Integration of the Educational System in Palestine
2006-12-12 The 8th Jerusalem Conference: Future Solutions for the City of Jerusalem: Dimensions and Impacts
2006-11-25 Conference on Contemporary Language in Palestine
2006-11-20 Conference on Dialogue of Religions and Civilizations: Common Issues for Peoples of Faiths in Palestine
2006-09-20 Workshop on the Formation of Drugs Prevention Committee
2006-09-12 The Second Conference for Scientific Center at An-Najah
2006-06-29 Conference on the Future of Development in Jordan Valley
2006-03-14 Conference on Development and Reconstruction in West Bank
2005-12-12 The 7th Jerusalem Conference: Israeli Settlements in the City of Jerusalem


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