Nursing Scientific Research Conferences

Conference Date: 
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Prof. Adnan Sarhan

Conference Papers

Prevalence rate and indication of delivery by cesarean section in Nablus city Waleed Samodi - Mohamad Bsharat - Adham Mansor - Osama Alsalem
Predisposing Factors For Stress Among Nurses Working In Critical Care Units In Nablus Public Hospitals Abdulaziz Masre - Ahmed Adnan - Isra' Al-sheikh - Ayat Samara
Most Common Factors Contributing with Risky Pregnancy in Ante-natal Clinics in Nablus in 2008 Yusra Ahmad - Osama Radwan - Masouda Asayrah - Yousef Mayaleh
Maternal Iron Deficiency Anemia & Birth Outcome Ahmed Shaarawi - Hana Odeh - Ahmed Ishtia - Salah Mnazel
Hepatitis B knowledge among 4th year student at AN-najah National university Wisam Aqel - Assad Al- deen - Hussein Mahameed - Ehab Anbr