Science - Biology

Year Title Authors
2017 Detection and Identification of Viral and Viral-Like Diseases Infecting Citrus in the North of West Bank-Palestine Nuha Jaser Hosni Shalabi
2017 Mycoplasma pneumoniae Respiratory Tract Infections in Nablus District Aseel Fazi Hamad Thaher
2016 Antibacterial Effect of Some Wild Allium Species in Palestine Compared with Cultivars Allium cepa and Allium sativum Duha Yasser Fayeq Abu Safieh
2016 Management and Complications of Thalassemic Patients in Palestine: Retrospective Study Nida Muthqal Daraghmeh
2016 Molecular Detection and Identification of Nepoviruses in West Bank Mays Moufeed Fathi Sarah
2016 Novel cationic water solublepolynitrogen/copper (II) complexes as a new antimicrobial therapy Moath Rabah Jamal Amer
2016 Prevalence and molecular characterization of metallo-β-lactamases in Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Palestine Amani Shtayah
2016 Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of β-Lactamases in Clinical Isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae from North of Palestine Doa'a Faisal Rabaya'
2016 Serological and Molecular Detection of Potato virus Y (PVY) in West Bank Nibal Yahya Lutfi Khudiesh
2015 In Vitro Evaluation of Apoptotic Induction of Hypericum triquetrifolium and Arum palaestinum Plant Extracts on Cancer Cell lines Aziz Mahmoud Aziz Tu`meh
2015 In VitroEvaluation of Anticancer Activity for Novel Family of Synthetic Copper/Polyamines Complexes Bayan Mustafa Mohammad Mansour
2015 Polymerase chain reaction for detection of waterborne bacterial pathogens in potable water in Tubas district-Palestine Rana Abed El-Majeed Salameh
2015 Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli Isolated from North of Palestine Aws Jaber Abu Jaber
2015 Sanitary Assessment of Viral Diseases Infecting Figs in Northern West Bank -Palestine Mona Mohammed Yousef Mahmoud
2015 Size- dependent Antibacterial Activity of Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles Heba Awad Izzat Maloul
2014 Assessment of biodiversity among Palestinian landraces of Cucumis melo L. groups based on morphological descriptors and molecular markers (RAPD and ISSR) Omar Bassam Yousef Mallah
2014 Intestinal Protozoa and Cryptosporidium genotypes in North of West Bank/ Palestine Maisaa Mohammad Yacoub
2014 Molecular Analysis of the APC, MLH1 and MSH2 Genes in Palestinian Families with Suspected Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndromes Thabat Marwan Othman Al Khatib
2014 Molecular Detection of Hereditary Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes (BRCA1 / BRCA2) in Palestine Rawan Ahmed Hussein Dardouk
2014 Phylogenetic Relationship among Closely Related Species of the Genera Lens, Vicia, Lathyrus and Pisum (Leguminosae) in Palestine Maram Mohammad Faiad Saqer
2014 Polymerase chain reaction for detection of food borne bacterial pathogens in meat products in Jenin district-Palestine Bara'a Radwan Mahmoud Alqarem
2014 Resistance of Staphylococcal and Streptococcal Clinical Isolates to Macrolides and Functionally Related Antibiotics in Nablus District Naela Khaled Asad Sabbah
2014 Systematic study of the genus Salvia L. (Labiatae) in West Bank/Palestine Mohammad Ibrahim Abd Allah Odeh
2014 Virulence Factors and Phylogenetic Grouping in Uropathogenic Isolates of Escherichia coli Recovered from Thabet Hospital-Tulkarm, Palestine Buthainah Ahmad Mahmoud Issa
2013 Antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Mandragora autumnalis Bertol extracts Noor Bashar Ehsan Jodallah