Water in the Holy Quran

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohammad Hafez Alshraideh
Fatama Mohammad Ayed Ebeedih
It is meant to discuss the Quranic verses that refer to water, The importance of this topic stems from the importance of water worldwide and the great number of theses verses which speak about water in the Holy Quran, This study includes an introduction to five chapters Chapter One: confirms the fact that earth is the real origin and source of water, Chapter Two: shows some aspects and causes of water fall, Explains and clarifies the verses that speaks about the surface water: the ruining and still besides the shape and image of the underground water. Illustrates the verses about seas and shows clearly the greatness of Allah the creator through the miraculous scientific signs of the verses speaking about the sea. Chapter Three: clarifies the verses that speaks about the legal arid rightful rules that are related to water especially for ablution, washing.,. etc. Chapter four: states the utilities of water in general such as life hood of water the source of all living creatures the earth, mankind and all the other creatures. Expounds the role of water in nature and stresses the striking and baffling scientific verses that speak about mountains and how water colors them. Chapter five: illustrates the meaning of strengthening and consolidation by water through demonstrating the verses that discuss the cultural strengthening by victory. The stories of Noah and Musa (peace be upon them (l are mentioned as examples. ** This research also discusses the Arab water in general and the Holy Lands in particular. ** Finally, it clarifies that the next war will be on water. Of research conclusions: 1.Water start forming from ground and it returns back to ground by exact certain cycle. 2.God’s throne was stable on water, it’s a matter that human can’t go through it to explain. So, let’s believe in so as written in Quran. 3.Water is been used by God as a tool of reward and punishment.
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