Visual & Aesthetic Aspects & Elements of the city "Analytical Study of the Centre of Nablus"

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ali Abdelhamid
Dr. Eman Al-Amad
Hani Khalil Al-Farran
Analyzing and evaluating the visual and aesthetic aspects in cities are considered amongst the important issues which urban planning and urban design aims at studying and including within the structural and physical city plans. Dealing with the visual and aesthetic elements and aspects in the city helps to achieve clean environment free from pollution, better economic earning, psychological comfort (relax), touristic activity as well the visual and aesthetic value which distinguish such elements. This study aims at dealing with the visual and esthetic aspects and elements in Nablus City Center, which has been selected as a study case throughout the research and analysis constraints and difficulties that negatively affect the visual and aesthetic appearance of this area. Then putting solutions and suggestions aiming at the development of the area based on scientific criteria involving all the visual and aesthetic influences on the city center, including the urban spaces, street furniture, architectural design, landscape, etc, as well as considering the interrelations among these elements, and therefore forming a clear and distinguished visual and aesthetic image for Nablus city. This study has recommended that Nablus Municipality should take certain measures aiming at the development and improvement of the visual and aesthetic aspects in the city center throughout: • Organizing the signboards within certain colorful system to agree with the architectural and urban design and general view of the area. • Studying and organizing the streets furniture to suit the needs, aspects, characteristics and architectural design of the area. • Removing the spontaneous areas that constitute a source for visual distortion represented by the vegetables market in front of the newly built trading center and substitute them with aesthetic planted zone, including public spaces for the rest of visitors in the city center, and form a distinguished breathing visual and aesthetic sources. At the same time, trees act at reducing air pollution, and form attracting source for the city center visitors. As a result, this area with these arrangements will form an urban space that decreases the effect of the hugeness of the new built trading center. • Organizing movement of vehicles and pedestrians in a good manner that may cause easiness and access for transports and reduce air pollution and traffic jam Enacting Laws and legislations for protecting the antiquities and historical area in the city as a whole, and do for the development of the visual and aesthetic aspect of the city center. In addition, the study emphasizes the significance of training and upgrading of the stuff and technicians in the field of conservation and restoration of cultural heritage through both the public and private institutions. Also, it emphasizes organizing specialized conferences, seminars and workshops as well as organizing public awareness campaigns. Finally, the study has indicated the significant role of the individuals (residents) in terms of right use of the aesthetic elements without any distortion and to be committed and respectful to the laws and regulations issued by Nablus Municipality.
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