The Use of Organic Farming to Conserve Barley in Palestine

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Dr. Hassan Abu Qauod
Ja'far Abed Al Kareem Dawoud Salahat
The effect of different levels of organic fertilizer levels and conventional chemical fertilizer on the production of three barley varieties was studied. The experiment was conducted during the season 2000 / 2001. Four levels of organic manufacture fertilizer (Shaham) (0, 150, 300, 450 kg dunum) were use Three barley varieties (Rum, Ryhan and Iba). The factorial treatment (varieties * fertilizers) were arranged in a completely randomized design (CRD) with four replicate for each treatment. the experiment was conducted at Tayaseer area near Jenin. Soil samples were taken before and after conduction of the experiment. The total Yield, grain yield, straw yield, plant length , spike length with and without awns and the weight of 1000 seed were measured. Seed samples were taken from each treatment for further chemical analysis. The results showed that the organic fertilizer increased significantly the total weight , grain weight and the straw weight for the three varieties however Rum variety exhibited significantly higher production than the other varieties. Plant length and spike length were not significantly affected by the organic fertilizer treatments however the weight of 1000 seed significantly decreased with
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