Urban Structure and its Impact on Planning and Land Use in the Palestinian Town of Bir Nabala

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Aziz Salem al Duwaik
Faisal Yousif Moustfa Mohammad Sabbah
The papoose of the study is to show the impact of the urban structure of the West Bank town of Bir Nabala on the land use planning and henceforth setting forth a clear and appropriate policy of land use taking into consideration the place’s natural potentials and the needs of the population from a human point of view. The topic of the thesis is divided into three sections: The First Section is a study of the characteristics of the population of the town including the gender and age structure, the economic activities, professions, place of work, incoming migration etc In the Second Section, the researcher studies land use after studying the structural planning, the problems inherent in the town’s land use, and the points of weakness in the city planning. The Third Section includes the researcher's planning vision, which would reorganize land use in accordance with the needs of the population and the potentials of the place. The most important findings of the study: According to the study, 169 households out of the 300 households included in the sample of the study are migrants; $5 households stated that they had moved to the town because of its vicinity to their place of work; 25 households said that they had moved to Bir Nabala because the Israeli occupation took over their original area; and 55 households used both said justifications for migrating to Bir Nabala.
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