Tourism in Nablus Governate

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.Mansour Hamdy Abu Ali
Ghassan Kasem Rasheed Omar
In this study, the tourism in Nablus has been discussed, and one of its main Objectives was to highlight the factors of tourism attractions in the governate and how it began and developed, second to know something about the characteristics of tourists arrival, analyzing their economic, social and demographic characteristics, and the main problems they have faced during their visit to the city, after all setting the suitable plans to develop tourism in the city, so that these solutions will help planners and people. The importance of this study refers to the fact that it is the first specialized one in tourism geography about Nablus governate .this study also shed light this tourism services that are found in the city, and the main problem, to develop the tourism services these to aspects tourist’s desires. The researcher collected the information and data of this study from various sources such as Library sources and Field study (The percentage means and crosses tabulation method, Statistical test and statistical Chi-square test). The main results the researcher achieved through this study are: 1-The difference in the percentage of tourists coming to the city according to their nationalities, which was high for Europeans 55.9%and for Americans 18.6%,but Palestinian 10.9%. 2- The average of the tourists staying and sleeping in the city of Nablus equals 2.5 % from the total of the tourists, because they prefer sleeping in Israeli hotels. 3- The percentage of comers to the city rises among the Palestinian males to reach 83.9 %, while among the Europeans 52.8 %. 4- The percentage of old people rises on all nationalities it reaches to 21.1 %. 5- The percentage of married tourists coming to the city rises, to 53.3% among the different nationalities. 6- The highest percentage of those who obtained higher certificates was 20.3% in all nationalities. 7- It was found that the age, education, motivation for the visit and the nature of the trip are among the most effective variables of tourist movement and its size in Nablus. 8- The religious sources were the most effective ones upon tourists coming to the city .the percentage of those who received their information from this source reached 59.5 %among all nationalities, and the role of historical sources was in the second place especially other nationalities, it reached 28.4 %. 9- Among the problems which the tourists faced, during their visits to the city, was the security problem which reached 27.6% among all nationalities of tourists.
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