Qalqilya And June, 1967 War, Documental Study

Discussion Committee: 
Bahjat Hussein Sabri
Izdehar Mohammad Rabi
Qalqilia was called like this since the Roman period with some difference. This name has some explanations and it is situated in one of the most important places. It's population work in agriculture, commerce and other administrative jobs. There are four big families. It is surrounded by historical places such as Surakas Mazar, the mazar of shamoun-the prophet, Kherbat Hanouta and Khirbat Sufin. It was developed in the period of the British in the building and agricultural. But it had been considered as a small Village. Through this period some battles took place between the Arabs and the Israelis. If the English people didn't participate, the end of the war was to the benefit of Arabs. Qalqilia developed through the Jordanian time from the management side. Then it became part of Tulkarm District. In 1956 it was the centre of the District with a manager who was called Yahia AI-Droubi . In the Jordanian period some battles happened that had great effects such as: 1.The Markaz Battle which happened on the to" of October 1956. 2. Exploding the oil station, which happened on the 2th of May 1965. 3. Exploding the wells, which happened on the 5th of September 1965. The Israelis defeated it many times till it was captured by the Israelis in the war of the 5th of June, 1967. The city was fired by planes from many directions. The Jordanian defense plan was of Hussein. It depended on three kinds of defense: 1.The defense of the army behind the screen. 2. The first defensive line. 3.The second defensive line. But the Israeli plan depended on the three mean directions. One of Hebron. The second of Ramallah. The third of Jenin. The Israeli army entered the city from the eastern side of Azzon. It was captured (occupied) completely on the 6th of June 1967 and the Jews wandered inside it. The capturing of the city resulted (caused) in killing a number of its young, old, women, and children. Also a number of the houses were damaged and others were burnt. The people of the city were forced to leave it. Where the Jews followed a trick to tell the people, who were living there, about 15,000 people, left the city. This thing affected the surrounding villages and cities. The people of the city went to the neighboring areas. After the people had left, many of the buildings were destroyed All the people met and decided to return. Great efforts with the cooperation of the head of municipality. AI-Haj Hussein Sabri and the head of Nablus municipality Mr. Hamdi Kan'an and AI-Shikh Said Sabri who had an active role in the returning of the people. The people returned after some repairs which were partial and easy completed later. The people returned after 23 days. The city was affected in different ways such as the commercial side where more than 240 traders were affected. The agricultural, also the animals weren't saved. As a result of these great damages' money and other things helped the people and a committee was organized to give help to people. The war of the 5th of June 1967 had great effect on the general situations in the city after the people had returned socially which resulted the marriage and divorce. Also, economically where it affected commerce, work and it pushed the people backward and stopped before. This thing rose anew problem of the things owned by the people who left. It also affected the education when the school year was postponed and many of the teachers left. It also affected the health where the hospital and doctors were affected and water became UN clean. The last thing it affected the religion some way.
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