The Problems faced by Basic Elementary Stage teacher’s in teaching English Language in Puplic Schools at Nablus District

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Fawaz Aqel/supervisor
Dr. Mohamad Dabbous/external examiner
Dr. Souhiel Salhah/internal examiner
Dr. Fawaz Aqel/supervisor
Tamara Mash'or Saiel Halabe
This study aimed to realize the level of problems that face the teachers of the low basic level teachers in teaching English language in Nablus directorate governmental schools, according to study variables (gender, academic qualification, graduation's university, years of experience, numbers of training courses, the location of the school). And this will be as follow: 1- Identify the problems that face English language teachers in the low basic level from it's teachers point of view in Nablus directorate. 2- identify the variables that effects of (the academic qualification, years of experience, training courses, gender, university of graduation and school location) on identifying the problems which face English language teachers in the low basic level from it's teachers point of view in Nablus directorate. To achieve the study purposes the researcher used the descriptive survey, where the researcher built a study tool (questionnaire) after reviewing the educational literature which related to the subject of teaching the foreign languages problems especially, English language. The community of this study formed from all English male and female teachers in Nablus directorate governmental schools who reached (406) teachers, about the sample of study, the researcher selected a random sample. The sample size of the study reached (212) teachers, but the number of questionnaires that have been recovered reached (116) questionnaire, it is what has been regarded as the final sample for the study and to answer questions about the study and testing of hypotheses. The researcher used the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). It is clear from the results of the study that the areas which measure the degree of the problems which face teachers in the basic low level in teaching English language in Nablus directorate governmental schools from teachers point of view, the estimates ranged between high, medium and low. Thus, the total degree was with the average estimation. The order of fields of study came in descending order as follows: the eighth field arrangement, which related to measuring teachers problems, came first. Then the ninth field came, the field of the local society problems, both of them with a high estimation. Then followed by estimating average in the third field, fourth, fifth, and sixth in a row: seventh field which related to teaching methods and technology education, the second field which related to the problems of teachers preparation and training, the fifth field which related to curriculum and content problems, the sixth field which related teaching methods problems, finally came the first field, in terms of the level of difficulty, which related to the teacher problems. Then the fourth field which related to the goals problems, then the third field which related to the educational administration and supervision problems, in a low estimation. In light of the study results the researcher recommended a number of recommendations the most important of them was as follow: 1- Officials must pay attention to developing programs that prepare English language teacher in schools, and give him the appropriate required courses for the reality of the Palestinian education, to promote the scientific and training level for the teacher.
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