The problem of unemployment among young people in the city of Nablus

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Wa,el Ennab/supervisor
Dr. Waleed Mustafa/external examiner
Dr.Ahmad Ra'fat/internal exmainer
Dr. Wa,el Ennab/supervisor
Khetam Mohammad Nayef Hamadny
This study the problem of unemployment among young people in the neighborhoods of the city of Nablus in 2012 , has been study aimed to identify the phenomenon of unemployment among young people, and the factors influencing them, and study the characteristics of education, and marital and occupational structure of the labor force theory in the city of Nablus , and come up with recommendations to decision-makers , can contribute to the mitigation of the effects of the phenomenon of widespread unemployment in the city. The study adopted the method of collecting information by distributing questionnaires , on a stratified random sample , the total percentage of the total housing the city was 1.5 % , representing 600 families , and to achieve the objectives of the study , was the use of statistical analysis method , in order to reach a quantitative measurement of the variables . The study concluded a set of results , including: that the community of the city of Nablus community lefty , as the percentage of young people (0 - 14) years, 49.92 %, and 48% for the age group economically productive (15 - 64) years, resulting in a high dependency ratio and the amount of 107.5 %, and when examining the economic situation shows that the rate of overall economic activity reached 57.7% , and the unemployment rate stood at 32.89 %, and the unemployment rate rose among males than females , and the singles compared Palmtzoji, rose of young people (20 - 29) years compared age groups the other , as the unemployment rate rose for those with educational levels, secondary or below , and among university graduates fresh graduates and university graduates in the humanities and economic , has varied the unemployment rate among the city's neighborhoods , was the highest in the district of the Northern Mountain and the industrial zone , and the lowest in the old town and dizziness. The study also demonstrated that there are a variety of reasons contributed to the growing phenomenon of unemployment in the city of Nablus , and most important: the spread of the phenomenon of nepotism in appointments , and not to accept the job market for new graduates because they lack the practical experience, and do not fit the disciplines with the labor market , in addition to limited investment projects , and the reluctance of young people to work in the private sector due to the loss of job security, also showed the effects of unemployment on the economic situation , social, and psychological , for those unemployed . Has emerged study a number of recommendations , including: the expansion of investment, and the provision of investment climate appropriate , through the laws encourage investment, and the need for attention to enterprises of small and informal work , to play these sectors role in meeting the basic needs of the population and create jobs when they can not sectors : public and private Regimesto provide these opportunities , as the study recommends the need to harmonize education output to the requirements of the labor market, and activating the role of the media in support of the national product quality and the District of foreign product , especially Israel , with the need to give young people training to create the entrepreneurial spirit they have in opening their own projects , and that the State shall endeavor to grant tax exemptions for these projects to encourage young people , with the need to work to reduce the number of years of service and to encourage early retirement to open up the opportunity for young people.
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