Prescriptions on Political Alliances in Islamic Figh (Jurisdication)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Abdel-Mun'im Abu Jaber
Dr. Ra'ed Nu'airat
Mohammed I. Aneeni
Alliance is as ancient as the ancient times of man. It presented discrimination to nations and tribes as well as ideas thoughts and controversial interests . people used the idea of coalition and alliance when they were unable to defend themselves by themselves. So interest is a main pillar here. As in political conditions where the mutual benefit is available, there is a coalition between parties, countries, organizations and tribes. Islam not only prohibited any unfair policy which decreases the rights of man, but it ratified and credited all just policies which come through the gods laws and founded the basis of such policies. It also ratified the political alliances which is against Muslims and any other alliances , which aim to achieve equality, freedom and justice for Muslims and the whole people. It also ratified all unification tasks between Muslims to protect their unity and keep their rights. However, Islam prohibited all alliances with enemies which lead to the domination of the enemies on Muslims lands. It also prohibited the alliance which are unfair and leads to aggression on Muslims.
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