Obstacles that face nurses working inthe Palestinian hospitals in Nablus City

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Faisal Al Zaanoon/supervisor
Dr. Emad Shtayeh/external examiner
Dr.Sa'edah Afouneh/internal examiner
Dr. Faisal Al Zaanoon/supervisor
Aya Fawwaz Aqel
This study aimed to identify the obstacles that face nurses working in government and private hospitals in the city of Nablus, and to identify the impact of the variables of the study on working nurses. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method for the completion of the study. The researcher has developed a questionnaire to collect information and data after a review of the literature, studies, and articles related to the study. The questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of nurses in government and private hospitals. The number of nurses working in hospitals in Nablus is (471) nurses. The study also showed that there are social, economic, administrative, and psychological obstacles that affect the employment of women, such as work (nigh shifts), the work in men's section, and the lack of incentives. There was a disparity between married nurses and unmarried nurses responses. In light of the findings the researcher recommends: The openness of nursing education programs to the community to define the community on the nursing profession, and to improve salaries, providing opportunities for promotions, making a lot of meetings between administrators and nurses. Increase the attention of patients, doctors, and Administrators to the humanitarian sentiments of the women who work in the nursing profession. The researcher also recommended conducting comparative studies with other provinces, as well as studies with neighboring countries, and conducting in-depth studies that tackle nurses’ job satisfaction and productivity (level of service).
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