The Multistoried Building And The Purposes In The City Of Nublus From A Socio-Urban Perspective

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Faisal Elza’noun
Dr. Jihad awad
Dr. Faisal Za
Dr. Faisal Za
Wa’el Abdul-Ra’ouf Ahrned Dawoud
The multi-story & multi-functional building is one of the phenomena accompanying modern city. It indicates the mental, cultural and social approach for any society. The study dealt with the pattern of building in Nablus city, it development as well as the versatility of its purposes and objectives. It turned out, in brief, to become a picture that embodies in it the features and personality of that community in general. Through the dimensions of that picture, the traits of family personality and culture are reflected. It turned out at large to include inside its walls various and different styles that crystallize in accordance with this architectural pattern that has started to spread in the whole Palestinian towns and cities. Therefore, the concept of the housing building in our modern times is not confined to just the function of housing only. The functions have become various concerning the functions that this building might offer in addition to being just homage for its dwellers. The results of this study have demonstrated that the economic situation, the size of the family and the nature of working for the householder have a direct effect on the choice, the determination of the pattern of building that the family would wish for and intend to own. The orientation of the dwellers has differed in this respect. Their wishes have been differentiated in this demand for this pattern of city life or the extent of satisfaction on it according to the pattern of ownership and the variation in the quarters of the city despite the fact that the features of dissatisfaction from this pattern in general is the at most among the population.
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