The Mistrust - Quran’ Study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Muhsen Al-Khaledi/supervisor
Dr.Madyan Jamal Ameen /external examiner
Odeh Abdallah/internal examiner
Dr. Muhsen Al-Khaledi/supervisor
Rana Yousef Mousa Zawati
This study covered the question of mistrust as limited to the study of the Kuran, divided into five chapters as follows: The first chapter started the meaning of mistrust in language, terminology and meaning that mentioned in Qura’n, summary that mistrust is one of heart diseases by giving judgment on others as bad just conjecture. The second chapter talks about mistrust sections: a- Mistrust in God and this is agreetsin. b- Mistrust in muslims and this results in large unrightousness because it leads to hatred among the people. The third chapter talked about the couses of mistrust there are: a- Satan seducing. b- Capri cousness and ignorance. And these reasons are overlapping some leads to the others. The fourth chapter has dealt with the sanctions and the bad effects of the mistrust, as stated in some verses of Koran, eternity in hell and maturity of God’s curse and wrath, for example. Chapter five displays exampler for mistrust, including the story of (sahib Aljannatin) who as a result of mistrust went into loss and regret. Another example is (Haditha-Al-Ifk) “the case of descration” of “Alsayeda Aysha” accusing her with not be fitting and unworthy.
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