Marriage Experience among Schizophrenic Clients: Qualitative Narrative Study

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Dr. Adnan Sarhan / Supervisor
Dr. Sami Adwan / External Examiner
Dr. Aidah Alkaissi ( Internal Examiner
Dr. Adnan Sarhan / Supervisor
Wissam Obaied
Introduction Marriage is considered a normal developing relation between humans. This study examined the effects of marriage among schizophrenic clients, and if we must need to encourage their marriage or not . Aim : The aim of this study is to explore the effectsof marriage on single and married schizophrenic clients. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but what does "in sickness and in health" mean if one partner has schizophrenia? While severity of the illness is a factor, relationships can survive if each partner gets the right support (Connie, 2000). Design : This study is a qualitative narrative study .We tried to answer questions related to the marital status of schizophrenic clients. Data collection . Sample : About 80 schizophrenic clients . half of them are married for at least since three years and suffering from schizophrenia for a period which is not less than six months or more . The other half included single clients suffering from schizophrenia for at least six months or more. Setting : Interviews were conducted in three mental health centers in ( Nablus –Jenin and Tul-Karem ) were included in the current study . Data Analysis : The respondents were interviewed in the mental health centers after consenting to share in this study. The interviews were started with 12 close ended questions; about their demographic data such as; age, sex, occupation and other questions. The second part of the interview was composed of 12 direct face to face narrative questions with the married respondents, and 5 questions with the single ones. Narrative interviews were conducted (Narrative interview is a form of qualitative research that takes story as either its raw data or its product). The note was written during the interviews, after taking permission from the participants, and then deep analyses of the clients’ interviews were done. Results Seven main themes were emerged from the study: 1- The effect of marriage on the Recovery Process of Schizophrenic Clients .Most of the clients encourage marriage , both married and single clients ,they believe that marriage has appositive effects on their lives ,the need of admission and the number of suicide attempt was decreased , and single clients believe the same, but due to economic factors they cannot marry . 2- The effect of gender of the client on the recovery process of him / her and on his marriage .We can say that the male have more chance to marry , and the male client have more responsibility and more stress related to these responsibility . 3 - The effect of age of the client on the recovery process of him and on his marriage .We can say that the old client less stress and more adjustment with the disease . 4-The Effect of Stigma on Marriage and Recovery Process of Schizophrenic Clients .The stigma prevent the client from having many of their rights unfortunately , such as marriage and work . 5 - The effect of having children on the recovery process of schizophrenic clients. They said that their lives became better after marriage, and they said that , their children consider as the most reason of their happiness . 6 - The big effect of the schizophrenic client's family on planning his life, and the client also said that they are at control of their family members , and they are dependent a lot on them , and they cannot marry without their help and their agreement . 7 -The big effect of the schizophrenic client's community on planning his life and marriage .the stigma against the clients in the community have negative effect in the subject of clients marriage unfortunately .The psychiatrist some time did not encourage their marriage . Conclusion The client has the right like other persons to marry and have children, but before marriage, he must have a work or a job, and the partner must know about his / her condition from the beginning. In general, marriage has positive effect on the client’s recovery process, but the other partner faces many problems related to the disease, and must be very patient and has good understanding of his partner. Key words : Schizophrenia – Marriage – Single –Recovery process – Divorce .
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