Management of The Cultural Heritage Resources of Sabastia

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ziad Senan
Dr. Ali Abed El- Hameed
Dr. Sameeh El-Abed
Dr. Moh'd Atta
Dr. Ziad Senan
Dr. Ali Abed El- Hameed
Zahra' Ali Zawawi
The cultural heritage resources should be a source of pride for the living generation as it was for their ancestors and it will be for the coming generations. It reflects the identity of a nation and make it special among other nations. Taking care of this legacy must be the responsibility of each member of the nation. Sabastia has been taken as a case study for the management of the cultural heritage resources well, because of the special cultural heritage resources and history the town has. The study explains how the planning model for managing the cultural heritage resources can be implemented, and how from this can we know the threats on the cultural heritage. Moreover the opportunities of the site/resource, the strength and weakness points of the site. From this we can get the reasons for the degradation of the cultural heritage resources and how this affected the town badly through ages. The three strategies were chosen to develop the town depending on the previous analysis. It can be seen that all these cannot be done at the same time, but they will be implemented up to money, time, and technical priorities. So there will be a short term plan, action, emergency plan, and long term plan.
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