Land Uses in Basin of Tulkarm City and the Resulted Environmental Impacts

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D. Ali Abdul-Hamid
Nasser Abdullah Mohammed Mufleh
The main objectives of this thesis were to study, analyze and discuss the various land uses in the area of Tulkarm city. Furthermore, the environmental effects resulting from these uses were also investigated by collection and analyzing the available information and data in this regard. To achieve these objectives, the scholar has made a field survey and site visits in the study area through technical interviews with professionals at national institutions. As one inhabitant of the area, he also utilized his notes and personal practical experience he gained working in the study area. The results obtained showed that there were random, interference and misuse practices in land use in the Tulkarm area. This caused obstacles and environmental effects, which affected the development of the city negatively in all aspect; social, economical, cultural and natural. The environmental effects resulting from the different land uses were identified and analyzed. Practical suggestions were developed and recommendations were made to the related authorities in order to minimize the possible environmental effects on human and ecosystem and to improve the land use in the study area. The thesis came to a conclusion that it was necessary to develop an efficient land use and pay more attention to the negative environmental effects, which were identified by study. The author has also recommended practical solutions to be adopted by the relevant institutions, aiming at contribution to a better of future development of the architectural, organizational and environmental aspects of the city.
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