Israeli Apartheid Wall in International Law

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Basel Mansor
Reem Tayseer Al-Arda
My thesis deals with every complicated issue in Palestinians life that is, the wall which most of was constructed on the Palestinians lands. Before this in advanced chapter I have discussed the historical roofs of this wall to prove that it is not for fighting terrorism and explosive attacks inside Israel as Israel claims but the other real purposes are to create anew accomplished fact and new boarders that might not be changed. In the first chapter I have handled the legality of the wall which is the content of the subject where I present that the construction of the wall on the occupied Palestinian lands is against the international law and against all the International traditions and treaties especially the united National convention of human rights and any other related international agreements. Moreover I handeted in this chapter the united Nations attitude towards the wall's issue especially (security council and General Assembly), I have deduced that General Assembly attitude is stronger and greater than that of the security council which always restricted the right of -veto-when the attitude is for the Palestinian national interest. The second chapter is specialized to discuss the international attitudes towards the wall. I noticed an obvious difference among these attitudes, some of them agree, others disagree and third is a moderate. The states which have common interest, with Israel have attitude to those witch sympathize with the Palestinians issue. I also found that the Arabic states attitude is no more than condemning and deluging and silence. But according to the Palestinian attitude which is the stronger because some issues that are directly related to the wall when they are positive or negative in terms of Israeli attitude towards the wall they are two attitudes one the them agree the other disagree the idea to constrict the wall on the occupied Palestinians lanes. At third chapter I have deled the role of international court of Justice in Lahai in terms of which was constructed on the occupied Palestinian lands. This role was very strong since it issued a resolution to destroy the built parts of this wall, to compensate for their damages because of the wall and to stop the constructing work and this means that the resolution is for the Palestinian interest. This resolution consists of 150 pages, but I didn't discuss it in details because of the resented number of pages of thesis. I neatened only the most important points which demand from Israel to destroy the wall. In the same chapter I have discussed the authority of international court of Justice to issue such are solution in term of the wall or not because Israel and other states were against this court and they have suspected in the court authority for many reasons mentioned them in details in third section of this chapter. At the end of the third chapter I have discussed the political and legal importance of the resolution that issued by the international court of Justice which is considered as a victory to the Palestinian Nation. In the concluding section I have discussed all my general deductions on all the aspect of thesis.
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