Geography of Industry in Jenin

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مصطفى عثمان مصطفى غانم
This thesis titled " Geography of Industry in Jenin" represents a field study of industry in Jenin Governorate. It contains six chapters : (1) Introduction and Methodology (2) industrial location factors ; (3)Development of the industrial section and industrial distribution ; (4)industrial structure in the Governorate and its productivity; (5)industrial planning and projected industrial areas; and (6)Results and recommendations. This research has used descriptive statistics method by introducing data to the computer using SPSS package . most of the tables in the thesis were established by this method. Industry in Jenin was divided in to three major industries. (a) Big size industries; (b) Medium size industries; and (c) small size industries. Among the major findings of this study are: • industry in general is a new economic sector in Jenin. • Major industries are concentrated in the city itself. • Randomness and lack of planning are the characteristics of the geographic distribution of industries in Jenin Governorate. • the lack of forward and backward connections in the industrial sector in Jenin Governorate . • The existence of unemployed production capacity as a result of the bad economic situation in the governorate. • There is a tight connection between the industrial section in Jenin and that of Israel. • The study showed that there are human. And physical foundations which can be depended on in establishing industrial areas in the Governorate. Among the recommendations of this study are the following: • Rebuilding of the infrastructure of the economy in general and the industry in particular. • Development of agricultural sector in a parallel manner of the development of industrial sector. • Development of vocational education so as to enhance workers levels. • The search for external markets and the improvement of the competitiveness of Jenin's industries. • The establishment of industrial banks and establishments. • Redistribution of industries all over the governorate including the city and the rural areas.
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