An Evaluation and Planning of Educational Services in Tubas City Using Geographic Information Systems

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmed Ra'fat Ghodieh
Ferial Wasef Mohammad Haj Mohammad
This study shows the evaluation and planning of educational services in Tubas city in order to try to overcome the irregularity of service distribution that doesn`t contain planning criteria and then suggest the best situation that fits with population size. This study aims to evaluate the situation of Educational Services in the area through contrasting with international , regional and national criteria, in addition to identify the way of educational services distribution using Geographical Information System Technology and then show the role of planning and it's benefits in educational services distribution. This study depends on analysis description system through analyzing and evaluating data which collected from some institutions. For example, Education department in Tubas and contrasting it with planning criteria in addition to field survey in order to identify the level of self-satisfaction about the educational services through distributing questioner to random groups of students , schools managers and kindergartens through analyzing of data using (SPSS), and (GIS) to produce maps that shows the way of educational services using neighborhood links , relations system and service effect and then suggesting other ideal situations that fit people needs and future growth. This study also shows that Tubas city suffers from the lack of good distribution of educational services and that the way of distribution is located in one area. Also,it shows the effects of kindergarten area which covers only 20% of houses in the area compared to the size of the services in the area and that kindergartens percentage is 75% which means that it doesn`t achieve the minimum rate of child's share of the whole required area that reach 5m2. However, all schools, primary and secondary that don't achieve the minimum rate of international criteria that related to student's share of the whole building area. At last, this study recommends the necessity of putting plan to develop the educational services that fit with planning criteria , and working to build educational services situation to fill the lack that study area suffers from and necessity of building development and future population growth.
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