The Effect of Using Three Teaching Styles on the Learning of Some Volley ball Basic Skills Among Physical Education Students of at An Najah National University

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Jamal Shaker/supervisor
Dr. Mu'ayad Shana'h/external examiner
Prof. Emad Abdel Haq/internal examiner
Dr. Jamal Shaker/supervisor
Mervat Wael Hassan Sawalmeh
The study aimed to identify the impact of three teaching methods to learn some basic skills in volleyball for physical education students at An-Najah National University, to achieve this aim, the study was conducted on a sample that consists of (60) students from the Faculty of Physical Education at An-Najah National University, who were registered at Volleyball (1) course. The researcher adopted experimental method with three equal groups each consisted of (20) students, the proposed educational program was applied as follows: the first experimental group consisted of (20) student, the educational program was applied using interactive style; the second experimental group consisted of (20) students, applied to them tutorial using a collaborative style, the third experimental group consisted of (20) students, applied on them using imperative style. The duration of the program took (8) weeks , (3) educational sessions per week time each unit (50) minutes, after finishing the procedure the same tests of experimental groups, after the collection of data was analyzed using statistical packages program (SPSS), and the results showed the existence of differences statistically significant at the level of significance between two measurements pre and post and in favor of telemetric between members of the three experimental groups, and the results were in favor of style interactive and collaborative, followed by Prince. In light of the findings the researcher recommends a set of recommendations, including: the use of modern teaching methods, especially interactive and collaborative teaching volleyball and other practical materials, and further studies on modern teaching methods in the teaching of other team sports skills.
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