Effect of Using Organic Fertilizers on The Productivity of Local Wheat Varieties

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Hassan Abu Qauod
Mohammed Omar Ragheb Al- Omari
The effect of different levels of manufactured organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer on the growth and yield of three wheat varieties was studied. The experiment was conducted during the year 2001-2002 growing season at Biet Qad Agriculture Experimental Station near Jenin. Five levels of the organic fertilizer were used (100, 300, 400, 500 and 600 kg / dunum Another chemical treatment was used which consists of adding 35 kg / dunum superphosphate and 25 kg/ dunum ammonium sulfate, in addition a control treatment was involved a total of 7 fertilizer treatment and 3 varieties were arranged in a completely randomized design of four replicate for each treatment. the following measurement were taken before harvest. Plant hight, Tiller number, number of fruiting tellers. After harvesting: the total weight, grain weight and the straw weight were calculated. Sample seeds were taken from each replicate for determining the level of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The result showed a significant effect of organic fertilizer treatment over the chemical fertilizer the effect was mainly significant on total weight, plant length, number of tillers and the straw weight. A significant difference was also exhibited by the different varieties , mainly for plant height where the hitia variety showed high plant height over the other two varieties.
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