Diseases and Health Services in Nablus District: A Study in Medical Geography

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Aziz Douweik
Rana Ameen Mohammed Sabra
The researcher studied the place analysis for diseases in Nablus District, some diseases considered as a real health problem for citizens in Palestine, and this affect not only people's health, but also their productivity and capability to work and to adapt in the society. The study aimed to focus on the most important factors, which affect on distribution of some diseases in Nablus District such as: Location, climate, pollution, economical, social and cultural affairs for the population. And gave information about special diseases, which indicated from the study and comparing them with international and Palestinian statistics, which issued by Palestinian Ministry of Health and Palestinian Statistics Center. The study also aimed to clarify the range of spread of chronic and not chronic diseases in town and countryside in Nablus District. And examine the relationship between the study variables and chronic or not chronic diseases by finding the value of Qui-Square and the level of statistical meaning of it.
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