The Degree of Readiness of An-Najah National University teachers in using Moodle in the teaching process according to Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework

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Dr . Ali Zuhdi shaqour/supervisor
Dr. Khaled Rabay'ah/external examiner
Prof. Ghasan Hello/internal examiner
Dr . Ali Zuhdi shaqour/supervisor
Rana Hashim Saadi
The aim of this study was to measure the degree of readiness of An- Najah National University teachers to use the Learning Management System ,Moodle with reference to Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Framework, TPACK. The variables of the study were sex , Type of faculty, age, and number of courses that the teacher used the Moodle(. The study adopted descriptive methods using a questionnaire as a tool to collect data. This questionnaire was designed depending on five similar questionnaires dealing with TPACK framework. a confirmatory factor analysis Cronbach Alpha coefficient were used to asure the stability of the questionnaire . The population of study consisted of all teachers at An- Najah National University who used Moodle in teaching,(189 ) teachers ,with a sample of 95 teachers selected using the stratified random way, according to sex and Type of faculty. The data was collected and analyzed using the Statistical packages of Social Sciences, SPSS. Among the findings of the study ; the level of Technological Knowledge (TK), The Pedagogical knowledge (PK), and The Content knowledge (CK) were very high, while the level of Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK) was high , and the level of the technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge(TPCK) was medium .And there was no statistically significant differences between the averages level of TPACK of teachers due to the variables (experience, sex).While there was statistically significant differences between averages of Technological Knowledge due to the variable (age ) in favor of young ages , but there was statistically significant differences between averages of Technological Knowledge to the variable (Type of faculty ) in favor of the humanities faculties . The study concluded several recommendations among them: the necessity of providing teachers with sufficient support like Technical training, and intensifying their qualification programs especially for teachers of Scientific specialty.
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