The Child Words Dictionary in Lisan Al Arab and its Linguistic Issues

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Said Sharawneh/suprvisor
Prof. Yahia Abdel Ra’ouf Jaber/co-supervisor
Prof. Made Arrar/external exmainer
Prof. Wae'l Abu-Saleh/internal examiner
Dr. Said Sharawneh/suprvisor
Prof. Yahia Abdel Ra’ouf Jaber/co-supervisor
Shifa’ Mustafa Said Hussein
This study tackles the words and expressions of children, which are related to their tools and belongings. Moreover, they are mentioned in Lisan Al. Arab which was authored by Ibn Manthur. It also presents a detailed account about the changes, which occurred to them over time due to the constantly changing lifestyle. Thus, the researcher supported the study with lines of poetry and meaningful sentences, and then applied a number of linguistic, phonetic and syntactic issues on them such as punning, synonymy, borrowed expressions, conjugation, morphology, vowel changes and substitution. The study was divided into a preface, an introduction and two chapters. To begin with, the preface talked about childhood, its stages, and the characteristics of each stage as reported by psychologists. It also included highlighting the most important Quranic verses which talked about children. In the first chapter, the researcher presented the expressions and words of children in a special dictionary, which included names, adjectives, games, diseases, foods, medicines, verbs and sounds. In addition, they were semantically and alphabetically arranged to categorize every word with the meaning it carried by following the root of every word. Besides, the researcher provided various lines of poetry and meaningful sentences to assign the multiple meanings of each word permanently. The second chapter studied the changes which occurred to the words and expressions mainly: linguistic, phonetic and syntactic. At the end of the study, the researcher summarized a number of findings which have seen light after analyzing the data of the study.
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