Changes in Qalqilya Land Uses 1945-2001

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Mohammad Abu-safat
Bilal Abdelraaof Othman Juper
This study examined changes in the uses of land in Qalqilya since the British occupation of Palestine, the Jordanian rule of the city, the Israeli occupation until the advent of Palestinian National Authority. It was first n village, then a district, a city belonging to Tulkarm District and finally a governorate. The study found there were positive developments in the intensive uses of non- residential urban areas; a gradual decline in the area used for housing purposes in Qalqilya proper; a decline in intensive land and livestock ownership as well as in the percentage of horse-drawn carriages, thanks to the advent of cars and agriculture mechanization. There was also a fluctuation in numbers of cows and goats and a growth in beef and poultry breeding. The study also found a positive development in the area nurseries, plastic houses used for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. However, there was a drop in planting citrus trees, fruit and olive trees and wheat. There was also a fluctuation in the areas planted with Jaffa and vegetables. The study found au overlapping in urban land uses, on one hand, and agricultural use of land in the city, on the other hand.
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