Short Communication: The Mechanism of 1- Octene Isomerization and Hydrosilylation Reaction Catalysed by Ru3(CO)12

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Hikmat S. Hilal
Waheed Jondi
Shukri Khalaf

Isomerization and hydrosilylation reactions of terminal olefins have been reported under thermal and photochemical conditions using Ru3 (C0) 12, 1, and HRu3 (CO)!!, 2,11 '0 In a very recent work, we reported E LI that 1 catalyses both Isomerization and hydrosilylation reactions of 1-octene (eq. 1). It has been found that the isomerization reaction occurs via lower nuclearity catalytic species that result from fragmentation of the mother cluster 1. Evidence in favour of concurrent cluster catalysis was also reported. On the other hand, the hydrosilylation reaction occurred via cluster catalysis at first and after some-time fragment catalysis occurred.

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