Removal of Penetrating Sharp-Pointed Objects from the Stomach and Duodenum

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Friday, December 9, 2011
Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Yasser Abu Safieh MD,AGAF
Shadi Khelfa MD

Aim: Sharp penetrating objects such as pins, needles, and toothpicks, once penetrating the gastric wall, continue to be a problem in endoscopy.Patients: We report five cases of extraction of such objects; three of them were seen on plain X-ray films over few weeks without changing in their position. Three objects were penetrating the stomach and two the duodenum; including three metal pins and two wooden toothpicks. Using conscious sedation in endoscopy unit, the sharp object was seen embedded in the wall.Results: After freeing them from the wall; by snare or biopsy forceps, all were retrieved from the stomach by the jumbo biopsy forceps without over tube or protective hood. This was accomplished simply by using the jumbo biopsy forceps to grasp the penetrating end of sharp-pointed objects and securing them in the gastroscope working channel; and then extracting the gastroscope with the pin or toothpick under direct vision.Conclusion: This is a safe and effective way of retrieving sharp objects and decreases the likelihood of esophageal injury and the side effects of over tube.Keyword: sharp-pointed objects, penetrating sharp object, Stomach and Duodenum, endoscopy.