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Saturday, December 1, 2012
Saturday, December 1, 2012
M. j. Musmar
Anwar Dudin

 New in this edition is communication with the journal- Expert Opinion -, we welcome all communications and notes from our friends; local and abroad. We like very much to thank our authors for their support of the Journal by submitting first class work.   In this new edition we include the review paper of Dr. Ajaj, we added to this issue original research by  Dr. J. Abdalla and Dr. H. Qusa, and in this issue we welcome a kind letter from Sir T. English and a case report from Dr. Y. Abu Safieh.   Medical education in Palestine is receiving special attention in this edition, the unique experience and needs of medical education in difficult time was explored nicely by Dr. Qusa and was highlighted by Sir T. English. We invite our friends and colleagues to continue supporting the journal by rich articles, reviews, comments and communications. Many thanks to our reviews and friends everywhere.

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