Understanding and Fostering Cultural Diversity

Dwaikat, Amjad S.

Today’s cultural diversity is the outcome of thousands of years of human interactions with nature and relations among humans who have different cultures, beliefs and patterns of life. Therefore, we need to transfer this invaluable heritage to upcoming generations. The correct employment of this heritage through common understanding, concrete passion and brotherhood will be a safety valve for true dialogue which will be a base for better life. The main challenge in the 21st century is how to consolidate culture of peace, human rights, and freedom based on mutual trust and respect. The main dilemma for some countries is the lack of communication and common understanding with other nations and accordingly, this has become a necessity and inevitable. In conclusion, people could not live in isolation because the world is becoming a small village due to the state-of-the-art technology, advanced communications and international cooperation which will definitely motivate cultural openness and dialogue.