Science - Computational Mathmatics

Year Title Authors
2017 Numerical Methods for Solving Hyperbolic Type Problems Anwar Jamal Mohammad Abd Al-Haq
2016 A Comparable Study of Hiding Information in Images Using Least Significant Bit (LSB) Substitution and Pixel Value Differencing (PVD) Methods Rana Tayseer Sabbah
2016 Confidence – based Optimization for the Single Period Inventory Control Model Thana’a Hussam eddin Amin Abu Sa’a
2014 Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Volterra Integral Equation of the Second Kind Feda’ Abdel Aziz Mustafa Salameh
2013 Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Problems Abdel Latif Khaleel Sa’ad Aldin
2013 Error Analysis and Stability of Numerical Schemes for Initial Value problems “IVP’s” Imad Omar Faris Kayid
2013 Numerical Treatment of The Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind Nujood Asad Abdulrahman Rihan
2012 Analytical and Numerical Treatment of Maxwell's Equations Mai "Muhammad Ribhe" Asad Musmar
2012 Two-Sample Multivariate Test of Homogeneity Using Weighted Nearest Neighbours Areej Ali Said Barakat
2011 An Inventory Control Model with (M/M/1) Queueing System and Lost Sales Imad Ramzi Mohammed Jomah
2010 Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods for Some Infectious Diseases Tareq Mohammed Zyoud
2010 Numerical Methods for Solving Differential Algebraic Equations Samer Amin Kamel Abu Saa'
2010 Singular Two Points Boundary Value Problem Sawsan Mohammed Anees Hamdan
2010 Two – Sample Multivariate Test of Homogeneity Using Weighted Nearest Neighbors Areej Ali Barakat
2009 A Novel Visual Basic Software for Projection Operator Calculations in Chemistry Abed Al-Hafez Mohammad A. Sayda
2009 Bridging Centrality in Scale- Free Network Using Bridging Nodes as the Boundary of Clustering Hind Ali Ahmed Eid
2009 Data Compression with Wavelets Rana Bassam Da'od Ismirate
2009 Error-Detecting and Error-Correcting Using Hamming and Cyclic Codes Ne'am Hashem Ibraheem Ibraheem
2009 M/M/C Queueing Systems with Inventory Emad Ramzee Mohamad Goum'a
2009 Numerical Methods for Solving High-Order Boundary Value Problems Basmah Othman Al Azzah
2008 Closeness Centrality and Epidemic Spreading in Networks Fares Masuod Abdelgani Rabaya'
2008 Cost Value Function Of Water Distribution Networks A Reliability-Based Approach Using Matlab Khalid Ahmad “Mohammad” Hasan As-Sadiq
2008 Simulation in Queuing Models: Using Simulation at Beit-Eba Crossing Check-Point Fatima Yousef Abdalla Barham
2007 Analysis of The Logistic Distribution Use in The Suppression Technique for Scalability in Multicast Routing Hadi Ali Khalil Hamad
2005 Numerical Methods for Solving Elliptic Boundary -Value Problems Mithqal Ghalib Yousef Naji