The Jewish Community in Hebron between 1917-1936

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Taysir Jbara
Shehadeh Murshed Shehadeh Rajabi
This study comprises an introduction, a forward, three chapters and a conclusion. In the forward I talked about various names of Hebron in history. In addition I talked about the city and its geographical position, its historical and religious importance to both Muslims and Jews. In the first chapter, I discussed the arrival of Jews during the Ottoman rule. During the Ottoman authority position toward there the work they carried out, their schools and places of worship and the effect of Zoinism upon them in the 19th., century. However in the second chapter , the study talks about the conditions of the Jewish community in Hebron between 1917- 1929 ; how they were affected materially in their trade with the Arabs ; the social relations among the community and relations with the Arab ; the political conditions and its effect on the Jews and their relations with the Zionist Committee on the one hand, and with the British mandate, on the other hand; and the position of the national movement in Hebron towards the Jews. In the third and last chapter, the direct and special reasons of the uprising of Hebron people in 1929 were discussed , explaining how clashes occurred on 24/08/ 1929 and their effect on Jews and the Arabs. Also, how the Zionist Committee made great efforts to resettle Jews in the city which lasted from 1931 to 1936
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