The Effect of Relaxation and Mental Imagery Program to education some of Basic Skills in Handball Amongst Faculty of Physical Education students at An-Najah National University

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Atrash/supervisor
Dr. Jamal Shaker/co-supervisor
Dr. Thabet Eshteawi/external examiner
Dr. Qais N'erat/internal examiner
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Atrash/supervisor
Dr. Jamal Shaker/co-supervisor
Mohammad Mashhur Ashayqa
The purpose of this study was to investigate effect of using the program for Relaxation and Mental Imagery to education some of basic skills in Handball at An-Najah National University students, and the researcher used the experimental method using a single experimental group, as the researcher used repeated measurements of the experimental group, the population of the study of students enrolled in the handball course at the Faculty of Physical Education at An-Najah National University, totaling (51) students, in the academic year (2015-2016), and the study was conducted on a sample of (18) students from the students enrolled in the course handball in the Faculty of Physical Education in Najah national University, as it considers the current sample deliberate, and after data collection was used statistical treatments such as the analysis contrast measurements repeated (MANOVA), WilkesLambda test, testing Cisdak test when necessary, and the most important findings of the study reviled that there are and the existence of differences statistically significant at the level of significance (0.05 ≥α) in the use of Relaxation and Mental Imagery program in the teaching of basic skills in handball with the students of the Faculty of Physical Education among all the measurements for the fourth measurement, as well as no statistically significant between the second two measurements and the first and for the measurement second differences, and between the two measurements third and second and in favor The third measurement, and between the third and fourth measurement for the fourth measurement. Of the most important recommendations recommended by the researcher, the need to disseminate the results of the current study at all interested in handball development locally and regionally, and to focus on teaching players how to take advantage of the use of psychological programs in the period prior to the beginning of the competition through multiple in this field methods in order to achieve the best Results. Key words: Relaxation, Mental Imagery.
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