The Effect of Mental Imagery Learning Program on Learning Some Skills among Soccer Beginners in West Bank

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Imad Saleh Abdel-Haq/suprvisor
Dr. Ziyad Nassrallah/external examiner
Dr.Kayis N'erat/internal exmainer
Prof. Imad Saleh Abdel-Haq/suprvisor
Mohammad Saeed Mohammad ABU BSHARA
This study is specifically concerned with the effect of using a mental imaginative educational program on acquiring some of the fundamental skills of Football beginners in Palestine. The study depends on the experimental approach، so the researcher has divided (24)beginner players from Tubas Sports Club into experimental and control groups. The proposed program has been applied on the experimental group، yet a traditional program has been applied on the control group. The period of the study lasts for 8 weeks، (3) training units a week. The researcher has used the (SPSS) to analyze results. The results suggest that the proposed educational program has affected all the current study variables with a static significant between prior and post measurements، the post measurement has ranked the most. The percentage of change: Player’s Sense of the ball (48.54%)، Passing accuracy (5.48%)، Shooting (140.90%)، Dribbling by ball (3.50%) and Heading accuracy (137.3%). The results also show that there are significant differences in the study variables between the experimental and the control groups، the experimental groups has ranked the most. On the basis of the results of this research، the researcher recommends some recommendations، the two most important are: the necessity of using the mental imaginative program in various schools and football clubs in Palestine as well as the necessity of synchronizing the training on mental imaginative and skills training.
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