Developing a Computer Program for Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Sections; AD RCS

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Abdul Razaq Touqan
Dr. Riyad Abdul Kareem
Dr. Mahir Amr
Dr. Abdul Razaq Touqan
Ibrahim Muhammad Ahmad Mahmood
A need for a computer program to analyze and design reinforced concrete sections for both academic education and engineering offices services is beyond doubt. Also, a need for having programs in Arabic language to help in communication of engineers graduated from all over the world is becoming increasingly important. This thesis presents a computer program that tries to fulfill previous needs based on ACI code and presented in both Arabic and English languages, and uses local and international units. The computer program; Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Sections; AD RCS; is constructed using Visual Basic 6 programming language. The input and output data are performed using dialog boxes in windows environment. The program has the ability of analyzing reinforced concrete sections of beams, columns and single footings and also design them for flexure, shear, axial and torsion. It also introduces capacity interaction diagrams and section reinforcement details.
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