Al-Himyari: Muhammed Bin Abdul-Mun'im (D 900 Hijrah): Al-Rawd Al-Mitar Fi Khabar Al-Aqtar. A Historical Study to the Economic Situations

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Jamal Juda/supervisor
Dr.Othman Tall/external examiner
Dr. Adnan Melhem/internal examiner
Prof. Jamal Juda/supervisor
Afrah Nazek Abed Alrahman Hafezah
This study discusses an important axis of the Islamic History and focuses on the economical standards. it has been concentrated in this study on the economical aspect of the book: "Al Rawd Al M'itar fi Khabari L-Aqtar" whose author is Al-Himyari, titled with: The Economical Situations through Al Raudi Al-Mi'tar, a historical study. Al-Himyari was interested in Arts and Geography Besides, he was really interested in the economical situations where the economical aspect constitutes a big space of his book. He takes an important part of the history of the Islamic economy which is the Exchequer's resources which are "Al jizyah, Al kharaj, Al Ghanaem". The author discusses this issue referring to the age of profit Mohammad Peace be upon him”, and Al Rashidin and Omayyan caliphs in the Arabia and other places because it differed from one region to another according to the way it was conquered whether it was pacifying or not. He also mentioned that it differed in the period of Al Rashidin and Omayyan caliphs. He talked about the Eendowments and feudalities in early Islam. He also gave tiny details about the production sections; the agricultural wealth that is centered in the Arabian Island, Alandalus (spain), Syria, Iraq and Egypt. In addition, to the livestocks wealth like camels,sheeps, birds and fish,etc. He talks about the metals wealth in those areas including gold, silver, iron, zenk and copper. He discusses many industries- weather they depend on- agriculture, metals or animals. He was intersted in Trade,too. He talks about the trading areas, cities, roads, imports, exports, markets, measures, weighs and the money that was used at that time.
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