The Effect of Multimedia CD-ROM Based Software on English Language Skills of the Third Grade Student at Private Schools in Nablus Area

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د. سوزان عرفات
Using computers in classrooms as an instructional, and learning resource in increasing with the growth of technology in all aspects of society. In order to investigate the effectiveness of using multimedia CD-ROM based software on the development of English Language Skills of the third grade students, a quantitative study was conducted on one specific technology to discover if there exists a relationship between its use and the learning in a particular population of students. The technology examined was multimedia CD-ROM based software. The study population consisted of third grade students. The goal of the study was to determine whether or not a technology intervention, with teacher input, would increase the English language Skills of third grade students more than those who learned in traditional way of teaching. Thirty-six 3rd grade students were matched by classroom and gender, and then randomly divided into control and experimental groups. To achieve the objectives of the study, the sample was experimented using multimedia CD-Rom software for the experimental group and the traditional way of teaching for the control one. These two groups were post tested twice on the English language skills to determine the effectiveness of the proposed way of teaching, the results of both first and Second application was analyzed using paired T-test and two ways -vi- ANOVA, then, they were compared to be illustrated in detail After the statistical treatment, the researcher came up with the following results: - The experimental group developed significantly after the implementation of CD-ROM. that is there was progress on the achievement test. - Results of the study showed a significant difference at (α=0.05) between the experimental and control groups in the students' achievement of the first and second application in favor of experimental group. - There is no significant differences at (α=0.05) in the students' achievement of the first and second application between experimental and control groups due to the interaction between gender and groups. On the basis of the results of this study it is recommended that: 1. The CD-ROM in the English curriculum should be implemented effectively. 2. Similar studies should be conducted to investigate the impact of multimedia CD ROM on English language for other graders. 3. The ministry of education should hold seminars to familiarize the EFL teachers with the importance, of multimedia CD-ROM in developing English language and qualify the EFL Teachers' to be able to use computers. Colleges and universities must make their own decision concerning the integration of technology into the teachers' education curriculum.
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