Islamic Marketing: Addressing the Muslim Market

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Sunday, February 12, 2012
Monday, May 28, 2012
Samir Abuznaid

The paper aims at filling a gap in international marketing literature covering the various aspects of Islamic marketing mix. Two new elements "promise" and "patience" have been added by the author to the already existing conventional seven Ps of marketing mix. The new elements have been embedded by the researcher as pure Islamic service industry ingredients. The paper provides a practical perspective for understanding and implementing the various ingredients of marketing mix from Islamic perspective. Therefore, this paper will help marketing practitioners better address Muslim and Arab countries and markets. This analytical research design is built on the authors’ vast knowledge, expertise and years of teaching of Islamic marketing and marketing management in Islam. The article uses Quran (Islamic law) and Sunnah (acts and sayings of prophet Mohammad) to analyze and explain relevant data. The findings have practical implications for marketing practitioners and international investors who produce, sell and market in Muslim and Arab countries and societies. Two new elements of marketing mix have been embedded by the researcher as pure Islamic marketing ingredients. Islamic-marketing mix is based on value -maximization demand empathy and mercy of God’s creatures which implies refraining from doing harm to others and preventing the spread of unethical marketing practices. In Islam, adherence to Islamic ethical framework is based on equity and justice which ensures the dignity and freedom of people's “consumers and producers” minds, consciences and souls from all types of bondage. The findings presented will be of genuine interest to Western and non-Western executive managers, practitioners, marketers, academics, employees and customers at large. In Europe several companies at present start to realize that the growing presence of immigrants and new citizens with an Islamic background need to be addressed specifically. From the findings it can be concluded that understanding Islamic marketing mix is a key to business success in Muslim and Arab countries. This is the first paper, to the best knowledge of the researcher that conceptualizes and clarifies the various elements of marketing mix from Islamic point view with strong emphasis on Islamic business culture. The article has added two new elements of marketing mix that have not been explored before "promise" and "patience". Marketing practitioners, investors, researchers and academics would find this research very useful.

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