Constructing Norms of Body Mass Index, Fat Percent, Lean Body Weight, Body ‎Surface Area and Resting Metabolic Rate of Female Physical Education Majors

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Tuesday, March 9, 2004
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Abed Elnaser Al-Qadomi
Subhi Nemr

The purpose of this study was to construct norms of Body Mass Index (BMI), Fat Percent (% Fat), Lean Body Weight (LBW), Body Surface Area (BSA) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) of female physical education majors at An-Najah National University. Furthermore, determine the correlation coefficient among (BMI, % Fat, LBW, BSA and weight (WT) with RMR. The sample consisted of all female physical education majors’ (62) students, Tanita TBF-410 Bioelectrical impedance analyzer (BIA) was used to determine variables. The results revealed that the means of BMI, % Fat, LBW, BSA (WT) and RMR were respectively: (22.46 kg/m2, 24.15%, 44.19 kg, 1.6211 m2, 58.97 kg, and 1427.95 kcal/day), and the best percentile ranks are respectively: (19.30kg/m2, 17%, 47.21 kg, 1.76m2, 1560 kcal/day). In addition, the results revealed a significant positive correlation between BMI, LBW, BSA (WT) and RMR, and negative correlation between % fat and age with RMR. Also, the results of Regression (R2) contribute in developing three equations for the prediction of RMR, using WT, BSA, and LBW as predictors, the best predictor was WT where (R2) was (0.971), the equations were as follow:
RMR kcal/day=834,824 + WT * 10,58
RMR kcal/day=266,487 + BSA + 716,466
RMR kcal/day=146,294 + LBW * 29,001

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