Second conference on Biotechnology Research and Application In Palestine

Conference Date: 
Sunday, September 26, 2010
Dr. Suleiman Al-Khalil

Conference Papers

Population Genomics of Hearing Loss in the Palestinian Population: A Model for Adapting Technology to Relevant Problem Hashem Shahin - Tom Walsh - Suheir loulus - Amal Abu Rayyan - Ming K. Lee - Jake Higgins - Mary-Claire King - Moien Kanaan
Partial sequence of the Erysiphe necator cytochrome b gene Hajaj Hajjeh - Monica Miazzi - Franco Faretra
Palestinian Herbal Plant Increases glucose disposal by skeletal muscle cell line Hilal Zaid - Omar Said - Bashar Saad
Novel Cell Wall-Associated Glycosylated Proteins and Their Role In Host Pathogen Interaction Mahmud Masalha
Nano-sized metallic clusters for bio-applications Mohammed Suleiman
Mutation in the 14α-Demethylase Gene of Erysiphe necator Hajaj Hajjeh - Monica Miazzi - Franco Faretra
Molecular-based identification of six strains of entomopathogenic fungi Isra’ Al_qadi - Iba’ Farrah - Naim Iraki
Molecular Characterization and Detection of Redglobe-Isolated Closterovirus Raed Alkowni - Yun-Ping Zhang - Jerry K. Uyemoto - Angelantonio Minafra - Deborah Golino - Adib Rowhani
Molecular and Serologic Approaches for Diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infections in Children and Typing of the Pathogen Motasem Almasri - Efimia Souliou - Ana Papa - Nikos Mallisiobas - Euthoxia Diza - Antoniadis
Isolation of Putative Soil Streptomyces spp. Showing Antibacterial Activity Sameer Barghouthi - Saleh Abu-Lafi - Mohammed Ayesh - Samira Barghouthi - Rania Ghanem - Ashraf Zayed - Mohammed Qadi