Translating Innovative Science into Medicine for the Treatment of Global Unmet Medical Needs

Mjalli, A

This presentation will focus on using innovative technology in medicinal chemistry, biology, coupled with genomic data to identify the various genes that are implicated in the cause of human diseases. The translation of gene sequence into a 3D protein structure and potential ligand binding pockets on each proposed 3D structure coupled with verification in biologico using innovative techniques (computational chemistry, biology, biological assays, and medicinal chemistry) will be outlined. The utilization of this technology in validating biological targets, pathways, as well as the discovery of novel optimal drug candidates (potency, selectivity, and other physiochemical properties) will be presented. The use of this technology in the discovery of novel treatments amongst a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, depression, glaucoma, and cancer will be outlined and discussed in this presentation.