Synthesis Of Nano-Sized Cobalt/ Cobalt Oxide Nano-Rods Stabilized In Surfactant And Polymer Matrix And Their Magnetic Properties

Fadi Naalweh
Sharif Musameh
Mohammed Suleiman

In is work, different sized cobalt/cobalt oxide nano-rods were selectively synthesized with very narrow size distribution, using chemical preparation methods, which can be carried out by salt reduction technique. To prevent undesired agglomeration the nano-rods were stabilized.In this work two different stabilizing matrix were used: polymer and surfactant matrix. The magnetic properties of cobalt/cobalt oxide was studied by using the Magnetic susceptibility system MS2 at different temperatures, and by using vibrating sample magnetometer ( VSM ) for hysteresis curves. The effect of the stabilizing matrix and the effect of reducing the size into the nano-range on the magnetic properties were investigated. The magnetic measurements show that the nano-rods have a supermagnetic and paramagnetic character.