Rubella immune status of Palestinian women.A study for more than 800 ladies tested for Rubella IgG in the period of 2002 and 2009

Dr. Bashar Karmi

The rubella vaccine is a live attenuated (weakened) virus which is usually given as part of the MMR vaccine.
Rubella vaccination is particularly important for non-immune women who may become pregnant because of the risk for serious birth defects if they acquire the disease during pregnancy.
The aim of our presentation is to elaborate the immune status of our women who performed the rubella IgG testing as part of pregnancy follow up. The subject of our cases were the girls and ladies between the age of 15 till 45 who performed this test in our Medicare- MediPal laboratories during the period 2002 and 2009. More than 800 samples data in this period tested for rubella IgG were analyzed and evaluated for immune status.