Reasons Beyond Making Teachers of English Language Neglect the Use of Both Daily and Semester Plan in Secondary Schools in Jordan

Dr. Anwar Fayez Al Bzour

This research represents the study of the reasons beyond making teachers of English language neglect the use of both daily and semester plan. The importance of this research lies in its attempt to discover these reasons by making tests. Then, to know the medial account of each item and it’s percent. The test consists of (30) items which represents many questions about the daily and semester plans’ and the ability to repair it from teacher’s personality and administration. The latter is related to the relationship between teacher, administration, educational supervision and the condition around him. This research is limited to teachers of language in secondary schools in Zarqa governorate in 2011-2012.

The research consists of four chapters. Chapter one deals with the research importance, the need, the aim and the limits of the study. Chapter two deals with the theoretical introduction, lesson planning and aim principals of planning. Chapter three introduces the research curricula, the procedures and the research surrounding. Chapter four presents results and their explanation.