Public Opinion & concepts on mental health in the Palestinian community

Dr. Khader Rasras

State the primary purpose of the study, including the main research questions or hypotheses being addressed, emphasizing what is innovative about this research.

Quantitative studies should include design, participants, measures and analyses. Qualitative studies should include a reference to the approach being adopted (e.g. discourse analysis, grounded theory) and describe the method of data generation, (e.g. interviews, transcripts of conversations, written accounts). Reviews should include details of the procedures adopted (e.g. literature search, inclusion/exclusion criteria and methods of analysis).

Quantitative studies should include a summary of the results, which can contain numerical data, qualitative studies should include an indication of the main results of the analysis (e.g. examples of themes, categories, responses, discourses to be reported). Reviews should include a summary of the main findings that will be discussed in the paper. This section should present specific findings, rather than suggesting that „results will be discussed‟.

Some discussion of the possible contribution to, or implications for, the advancement of adolescents health knowledge, methods or practice