Problems that face graduate students, compared with the labor market

Rawan Hamdan
yasmen Asaket

Teaching is considered one of the most important investment communities and the advanced folk who always seek to promote its human abilities. And that helps it accomplish its authority, independency and development. Where the education invests one of the community’s resources, which is his member’s mental capacities and energies to achieve the largest revenue of the comprehensive development in every field. And when the universities were the initial educational institutes which work to prepare the professional and Technical personnel arising in every field. The importance of studying the problems that encounter those members appears to improve their preparation to get into the market and its requirement. And from the other side, the problems of the unemployment and the weakness of the work value and the reduction of production level present a big challenge for the most of community institutes. Especially the universities, it has to coordinate between the energies and the needs of its sons from one side and the changeable needs of the labor market from another side. These problems show another obstacle prevent the development of the society-this society save the most of its investments- whether on the individual or the community level- in order to prepare and educate the youth for the labor market.

There is a big change in the business and its requirement with the rapid increase in the knowledge also there is a change in the composition and the distribution of the workforce. And from these changes diminishing the need for non-skilled labor, the change of the business technology, and an increase in the professions and service information also the change in the role of the women in business, then the continuous increase in unemployment between youth who doesn’t have the market labor requirements. These changes give rise to the need to plane the professional preparation to cope with these changes. When the university prepare the student to the professions it doesn’t prepare them for ever last professions. The most important is to its curriculum and teaching programs to cope with the continuing changes in businesses and the market labor.