Human Brucellosis Status in Al-Jiftlik Area

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د. يحيى فيضي - مشرفا اولاً
د. سليمان خليل - مشرفا ثانيا
د. عصام الخطيب - ممتحنا خارجيا
عوني ابو حجلة - ممتحنا داخليا
د. يحيى فيضي
د. سليمان خليل
منتصر محمد حمد صبح
An epidemiological study of the prevalence of human brucellosis in Al-Jiftlik area was carried out in the period between September and December, 2001.A total number of 370 patients attending Al-Jiftlik clinic and having the symptoms of brucellosis were included in the study, 201 (54.3%) males, and 169 (45.7%) females. Out of these 44 (11.9%) patients were infected with brucellosis. Seroprevalence of human brucellosis was not influenced by sex, (males 23 "11.4%", and females 21 "12.4%"). The prevalence rate of brucellosis was higher in older people 17 of 45 (37.8%), than in younger people 2 of 109 (1.8%). Prevalence rate of brucellosis among people was not associated with the economic status, but it was higher among people having lower education level, and families with larger family size. The overall seroprevalence was higher among farmers 24 of 115 (20.9%) and m ilk handlers 35 of 118 (18.6%) than in other occupations tested like labors 1 of 64 (1.6%), and students 2 of 67 (3%). The results of this study emphasized the importance of contact infections, namely with infected animals and their products, as a cause of human brucellosis.
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