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The Influence of Working in Stone Crushing Factories on Specific Respiratory Parameters Journal Article
Morphological Perturbation of Human Erythrocytes Exposed to Photoilluminated Riboflavin Journal Article
The Effect of Passive Smoking during Pregnancy on the Central Nervous System Structure and Behaviour of the Offspring Journal Article
The Influence of Working in Charcoal Factories on Selected Respiratory Parameters Journal Article
Cathodic Stripping Voltammetric Determination of Dimenhydrinate Journal Article
The Effect of Light Intensity on Blood Pressure, Heart Pulse Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Temperature of Children in Jenin-City Schools Journal Article
Life Cycle Assessment of Olive Oil Tin and Plastic Containers Journal Article
Common Sport Injuries Sustained by the Physical Education Department Students at Al-Quds University Journal Article
The Extent of the Social Coping of Bereaved Parents Who Lost an Offspring Due to Sudden Death in the West Bank and Jerusalem in Relation to the Extent of Their Religiosity and the Death Circumstances . Journal Article
Public Participation in the Preparation of the Master Plan from the Point Of View of the Population of Urban Agglomeration in Hebron Governorate - a Case Study Journal Article
The Congruence of Educational Historic forms that must be met in History Textbooks: Faculty Members at History Department ‘Perspectives alongside Textbook Journal Article
The Essence of the Linguistic Crisis in the Arab Mind Solution Strategies Vision Journal Article
The Effect of Length Variable in Some of the Kinematic Variables Associated With Accurately Crushing Serve in Volleyball Journal Article
Strategies of Organizational Conflict Management by Officials in the Directorates of Education in Hebron as seen by Subordinates Journal Article
Effect of Proposed Training Program on some Anthropometric and Physiological Scales among Hearing Impairment Football Players Journal Article
Evaluating the External Participation of the Palestinian Sport Federations from Coaches' Point of Views in Gaza Governorates Journal Article
Readability Level of the Arabic Language Textbook for Ninth Grade in Palestine Journal Article
Status of Total Quality Management among the Algeriens Worker Journal Article
Problems Facing Educational Counselors in Their Counseling Work in Governmental Schools in the Northern Governorates from the Perspective of Supervisors of Educational Counseling Journal Article
Analytical Study of al Mathqab al Abdi's Favored Noon Rhymed Poem in Light of the Objective Equalizer Theory Journal Article
Affection Values in Islam which are Embedded in Islamic Studies Textbooks for the Secondary Stage in Jordan (Analytical Study) Journal Article
European Women during the First Crusade in the Holy Land Journal Article
The Effect of Educational Program Supported with Illuminations on Mathematical Problem Solving and Spatial Ability of Seventh Grade Students in Palestine Journal Article
Degree of Possessing Critical Thinking Skills by Students of Faculty Science and Arts Ola Depending on Test California 2000 Journal Article
Orchestral for Arabic Instrumental Forms Sama’e as a Model Journal Article
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