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The Effectiveness of Study Skills Training and Systematic Desensitization in Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Academic Self-Efficacy among A Sample of Tenth Grade Students At Ajloun Governorate Journal Article
Prohibitions in Phonetic Performance in the Arabic Language Journal Article
Evaluative Study of the Administrative and Financial Performance of the Cooperative Associations Olive Presses in Salfit Area Journal Article
The Legal Framework of the Principle of Permanence in Writing Journal Article
The Degree of Science Teachers' Practicing of their New Roles in Light of the Orientations of Knowledge Economy Competence in Jordan and its Relationship to some Variables Journal Article
Problems Faced by Broilers Producers of in Amman Governorate Journal Article
The Arabic Language and the Progression of Arab Nationalist Thought: Ahmad Sedki Dajani as a model Journal Article
Palestinian University Students’ Exposure to Islamic Websites - An-Najah and Birzeit Universities as Examples Journal Article
Islamization of Art in the Opinion of Dr. Ismail Farouki - Foundations and Appearances Journal Article
Attitudes of King Abdul-Aziz University Students in Saudi Arabia towards Physical Activity Journal Article
Strategic Directions for Integration (ABC) & (ABM) Systems towards the Improvement & Development of Banking Services & Reduction Costs Journal Article
Internal Rhythm in the Letter of Al Tarbee'a Wa Al Tadweer by Al-Jahez Journal Article
A Remote Sensing and GIS Evaluation of Urban Expansion in Al- Hufof, Saudi Arabia Journal Article
Palestinian Value System Journal Article
The Attitude towards E-Learning Blogs among the Students at Taibah University in Learning "University Life Skills" Journal Article
Arbitration in Disputes between Couples in Islamic Fiqh Journal Article
Distinguishing Legislative Authority from Consultative Parliament in Islam Journal Article
The Contemporary Islam Jurists' Approach in Dealing with the “Exceptional Circumstances Theory”: Analysis and Criticism Journal Article
The Effect of Mathematical Problem Structure (Context- Content- Number of Problem Solving Steps) on the Ability of its Solution among the Second Intermediate Graders who have Different Mental Capacities in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara Journal Article
The Trilling Method on Violin in Arabian Music Journal Article
Legal Force for Personal Rights in the Jordanian Constitution Journal Article
The Effect of Marketing Expenditures on the Financial Performance of Banks & Insurance Companies Listed on the Palestine Securities Exchange Journal Article
The Social Relationships among the Students of the Faculty of Physical Education at An-Najah National University Journal Article
A Comparative Study between Linear Discriminant Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression Journal Article
The Contribution Professionalism in Developing the Level of Soccer Game in the West Bank Journal Article
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