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Parents' Disinclination from Participating In the Councils of Parents and Teachers, and Its Influence on School Violence Journal Article
Evaluating the Professional Practice of International Social Work vis-à-vis Confronting Obstacles that Limit the Palestine Refugees' Benefit from Social Welfare Services Journal Article
The Contribution of Administrations of Students Affaires in Palestinian Universities in Reinforcing Extra-Curricular Activities among Students Journal Article
The Extent of Faculty of Science in Yanbu Students, - Taibah University, Saudi Arabia Practicing of Scientific Values Journal Article
An Evaluation of the Social Work Practicum Program Effectiveness As Perceived By Social Work Students at Al-Quds University Journal Article
The Effect of Proposed Training Program to Improve Level of Some Physical Abilities of Deaf Football Players Journal Article
Multiple Intelligences Predictive Ability in Self-Organized Learning Skills and Academic Achievement among Students of School of Education at Al-Quds Open University Journal Article
Identity and Be Losing In the Children Stories in the Modern Palestinian Literature Journal Article
Emotional Intelligence among Socially Accepted and Rejected Students in Lower Galilee District Schools Journal Article
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Elementary Teacher Education Program at Yarmouk University in Light of the National Standards of Teacher’s Professional Development as Perceived by Students Journal Article
The Irony in Mu'nis Al-Razzaz's Novel Laylat Asal Journal Article
Islamic Ruling to Abort the Pregnancy Adultery Journal Article
Critical Analysis of the Education System after the Establishment of the Palestinian Authority Journal Article
Assessing the Predictive Ability of PGSCE, Major Requirements, Other Variables and Their Reactions on GPA at Educational Science Faculty at An-Najah University Journal Article
The Administrative and Political Developments in Aqaba and Ma'an Districts between 1917-1925 "Documentary study" Journal Article
Comparative Analysis to Evaluate FQ-EDCA in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Journal Article
Using Molecular and Biological Tools for Assessment of TYLCV Resistant Tomato Cultivars Commercially Grown in Southern Palestine Journal Article
Estimating Victimization Rates, Trends and Risk Factors in Palestine Journal Article
Consideration of Vehicular and Pedestrian Flows in A Multi-Modal Traffic Signal Optimization Strategy for Isolated Intersections Journal Article
Deep Fading Effect On an Individual Link of 4 × 4 Mimo Communication Systems Journal Article
Minimise Environmental Pollution Due To the Use of Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel in Diesel Engine Journal Article
The Role of Public Jordanian Universities For Enhancing Citizenship Education and its Relation to Developing Self-Autonomy for Students for Educational Sciences According to there Point of View Journal Article
Brotherly relationship as Predictors of Optimism and Pessimism among a Sample of Secondary Students in North Jordan Journal Article
Attitudes and Satisfaction of Teaching Faculty Members at Mutah-University towards the Assessment of Their Teaching Performance by their Students Journal Article
The Aims of Punishment in the Islamic Shari' Journal Article
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