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Arbitration in Disputes between Couples in Islamic Fiqh Journal Article
Distinguishing Legislative Authority from Consultative Parliament in Islam Journal Article
The Contemporary Islam Jurists' Approach in Dealing with the “Exceptional Circumstances Theory”: Analysis and Criticism Journal Article
The Effect of Mathematical Problem Structure (Context- Content- Number of Problem Solving Steps) on the Ability of its Solution among the Second Intermediate Graders who have Different Mental Capacities in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara Journal Article
The Trilling Method on Violin in Arabian Music Journal Article
Legal Force for Personal Rights in the Jordanian Constitution Journal Article
The Effect of Marketing Expenditures on the Financial Performance of Banks & Insurance Companies Listed on the Palestine Securities Exchange Journal Article
The Social Relationships among the Students of the Faculty of Physical Education at An-Najah National University Journal Article
A Comparative Study between Linear Discriminant Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression Journal Article
The Contribution Professionalism in Developing the Level of Soccer Game in the West Bank Journal Article
The Work of Director Fransoa Abu Salem in Alhakawati Palestenian Theatre Company Journal Article
The Impact of Discovered Errors on Audit Materiality and the External Auditor's Opinion - An Empirical Study in Auditing Offices in Jordan Journal Article
Sexual Practices and its impact on Worship of Fasting -Jurisprudence Comparative Study Journal Article
Juvenile’s Deviation: its Causes and Factors from the Point of View of Juveniles - Irbid Juveniles Correction and Rehabilitation Center in: Juveniles Case Study Journal Article
Pénal Responsabilité of Administration of Poisoned Substances or Harmful ones Journal Article
The Effectiveness of Aguidance Program to Improve the Psychological Adjustment among Martyrs' Wives in Gaza Governorates Journal Article
The Impact of Three Types of Written Feedback on the Motivation and Writing Skill of English Major Students at Hebron University Journal Article
Title Indications in Nadir Huda’s Poetry Journal Article
Justice Intergeneration’s in John Rawls’ a Theory of Justice Journal Article
On the Pragmatics of Intentionality Journal Article
Renewing the Objectives of Islamic Studies in the Light of Contemporary Global Transformation Journal Article
The Contribution of Some Anthropometric Measures in Predicting Selected Static and Dynamic Pulmonary Volumes amongst Professional Soccer Players in Palestine Journal Article
The Reality of Family Upbringing in the Palestinian Refugees Camps As Perceived By Children "A Field Study on a Sample of Refugees Students at Al Aqsa University in Gaza" Journal Article
The Effect of an Educational Program in Writing on Improving Composing Skills Among Eighth Female Students in Irbid First Directorate Journal Article
The Level of Multiple Intelligences to Primary Stage Arabic Teachers in Jordan and Its Relevance to the Experience and Qualification Journal Article
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